Devonshire pottery pitcher
Devonshire pottery pitcher top view
bottom of Devonshire pottery pitcher
Devonshire pottery pitcher spout view
Devonshire pottery pitcher handle
Devonshire pottery pitcher terra cotta with slip glaze rim
Loved Homestead

Antique Devonshire Pottery Vase

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Antique Devonshire Pottery Vase. Amazing rustic look terra cotta pitcher with glazed inside and slip gaze rim of creamy yellow.

My best research dates this C 1930s but please look at the pictures and make determination for yourself. Many who have posted this pitcher date it 19th century..... that may in deed be true but I hesitate to make that claim. 

US buyers will find comfort that this item ships from the states. The vast majority of these ship from UK. 

In good condition with no cracks or breaks 

* some ware to the glazing on rim and inside has some mineral deposits which you can easily remove if you desire. 

stands 8.25" tall and it is about 7" wide with handle, opening is 4.25" wide. 

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