Antique Pince nez eyeglasses with case
Antique Pince nez eyeglasses worn gold fill
Antique Pince nez eyeglasses  scratched lense
Antique Pince nez eyeglasses in hand
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Antique Pince Nez Eye Glasses

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Antique turn of the century pince nez eyeglasses c1890s - 1920s. Looks to have gold fill or plate that is half worn off leaving an amazing antique patina. There are no stamps or markings on this piece.

They pinch well and seem to have all the parts. A great piece of early Americana.
They seem to have a very mild reading glass prescription with some scratches on the lenses but you will most likely replace the lenses if used for eyesight or stage / film or movie prop.

Not sure if case is original.

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