Dr Chase's Recipes Antique book
Dr Chase's 800 practical recipes
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Back cover of Dr Chase's Recipes
Bottom pages of Dr Chase's Recipes
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inside antique book cover Dr Chase's Recipes
front pages Dr Chase's Recipes antique hardcover book
spine of perfect copy of antique book Dr Chase's Recipes
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Dr Chase's Recipes Rare 1866

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Dr Chase's Recipes in the rare green hard cover with embossed gold color. 1866 publishing date. In nearly perfect condition. 38th edition

About 800 practical recipes for merchants, grocers, saloon keepers, physicians, jewelers, blacksmiths, tinners, gunsmiths, farriers, barbers, bakes, dyers, renovators, farmers and families generally.

A book that tells a lot about the times. Fascinating to look through and will make a spectacular addition to your library!  

*Also, inside I found a ticket from Blazier's on 248 Burnside St. I looked it up and found that it was on a list of historic 1800s Saloons. I left the ticket inside cover as I found it.

The full title is - Dr Chase's Recipes or Information For Everyone.

dimensions 6.75" x 4.75" x 1.5"

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