Vintage Travel Coffee Set
Vintage Travel Coffee Set with key
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Vintage Travel Coffee Set  hinges
Vintage Travel Coffee Set inside percolator
Vintage Travel Coffee Set dent
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Vintage Travel Coffee Percolator Set

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Vintage Travel Coffee Percolator Set with key - rare in such great shape! Trans Planet c1970s era 4 cup percolator, great for motor home or when traveling to places that may not have a coffee maker. Or just as a great collectable!

The case is in near perfect condition with only very minor ware.
*The coffee pot has a couple very small dents but is in otherwise great shape. It heats up fast!
*The coffee tin is empty but someone has re-sealed it, so it is a great collector piece by itself. Do not use the creamer, it is most likely several decades old but we will leave it as part of the complete set.
Has 4 plastic cups but one looks lighter in color and slightly smaller so it may have been replaced at some point.

Case measures apx 9" x 8.5" x 6"

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