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1971 Ireland Yesterday by Maurice Gorham

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1971 Ireland Yesterday by Maurice Gorham

This book, full of old photographs, history, and research of European country of Ireland, will take you back and teach all you need to know about the old, and new, Ireland.

The front cover is in good condition with only a small tear on the bottom right corner. The dust jacket is also in good condition, with only a snag in the bottom right corner and slight wear on the edges. The pages have little to no wear. There is, however, writing on the first cover, written in blue pen.

“More than almost any other European country Ireland has changed in the years since the First World War. Yet, paradoxically- and why not, since Ireland has always been the land of paradoxes?- Ireland has resisted change, retained its traditions, and confirmed its identity over the years.

“The dual nature of Ireland is illustrated most graphically by the old photographs in this book-

“-they form a collection which, taken seriously or light-heartedly, is at the same time familiar and remote.”

Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 0.75

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