What Can Home Decor Learn From Auto Industry

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Home Decor Mid Cycle Facelift 

Are you ready for a refresh but not quite ready for a full blown redesign? You generally like your design but it has become a bit stale. Additionally, a total re-do can cost a lot of money and time. 

Take A Tip From The Auto Industry 

Home decor can learn from auto industry with mid cycle refresh

In addition to my love of antiques and home decor, I love cars! Automobiles generally get a complete re-design every 5-7 years but in between they most often get at least one "mid cycle refresh". The bones of the car remain the same but some of the details are tweaked to make it feel refreshed. 

Lets look at a few simple ways to to refresh your home. The trick is, find small changes that make the greatest impact.


Change Out Your Lighting

You can  make a huge impact by just changing out lamps and/or overhead lighting. If you cannot afford new product, search your local antique store. You can even just spray paint your current lamps or sconces and change out the shades. Heck, just changing to a different type of bulb makes a huge difference alone. Changing from warm yellow light to bright daylight bulbs (or visa/versa) to totally change the mood within minutes. 

Change Your Window Treatments

New curtains can be the easiest way to add new feel to your room. Switch out your short dated drapes for some flowing numbers for a more romantic feel. If you need more light, add some lovely sheers for moody filtered light. The possibilities are endless. PS.... think for your shower curtains also!

Fabric Swap On Chair Seats

Your dining chairs may have simple wrap around fabric. Switch it out for a new pop of design and color. Even if your seats are all wood topped, most can easily be removed. You can add batting and fabric, with a simple wrap around and staple and re-attach!

Change Out Door Knobs & Cabinet Hardware

You know you've been looking at the same hardware since..... 3 kids ago. Many Vintage stores have a large supply of amazing hardware or find an an endless array of new hardware online and at your local home decor store. Think of maybe glass knobs on your doors and the hottest drawer pull metals, copper, brass???? 

Paper a Wall

You do not have to spend a fortune to create an accent wall. Wall paper is hot again but you do not have to go nuts like your mom in the 1980s with rooster wall paper all over the kitchen and plate covers. Find the best accent wall in any room and pick from endless new wallpaper designs that are both current and timeless. You can also add wallpaper on the back wall of your shelving. 

Get A Great Rug

Look Down! If you are not happy with what you see, you don't need to spend a fortune to update your floors. There are so many inexpensive rug options out there. Many of which have spectacular design and quality and fair prices. 

Get Some New Art Pieces

There is no hard and fast rules with art but it must make you "feel" something, that is the point of real art. It should evoke emotion and add to the overall atmosphere. There are always spaces in your home for handmade wood signs but don't forget real art. You can pick up great art at decent prices at vintage stores. It does not have to be expensive to be great art.... for it truly is in the eye of the beholder. If it speaks to you, then it is priceless! 

Add A Great Centerpiece

Your table is a frame for an amazing collection of your favorite items such as a wood trough, candles, succulents, trinkets. Paint a picture in the center of the table in a simple, concise way. 

Add Throw Pillows & Blankets

Switch out or add new throw pillows to your couch and chairs to instantly change the look and feel of your living room. An amazing throw blanket can serve the same purpose. The same magic can be had in your bedrooms. Think, not only of color but remember the importance of texture and pattern. 

Go Green

Add real live house plants. You can do it! Do not be intimidated. Talk to your local nursery about which plants are least likely to die at your hand. Start there and learn as you go. The fact is, when it comes to a homey & natural space, you cannot beat real live greenery. 

This is only a few examples of quick changes you can make to refresh your home. There are endless tweaks you can make. If you are like me, you make small changes regularly so your home slowly evolves with time. 


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