What is a Carefully Curated Home?

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Carefully Curated, Explained

When I think of the term "carefully curated", it means a couple things to me. First, it means spaces that are thoughtfully designed over time. Meaningful home decor items interlaced with intentionally selected vintage and antique pieces. 

A careful curation goes beyond a pretty picture to post on social media. It takes a deeper dive into how a space makes you feel. More importantly, it successfully transfers that feeling unto all the loved ones that enter your home.


What a Careful Curation is Not

A careful curation is not a culmination of a quick trip to a big box decor store. A truly curated space takes time. You pick up only the most special decor elements as they speak to you. All elements have meaning, paint a picture and evoke a feeling. 

Curated should never mean cluttered. Shelves and cabinets full of collectibles, figurines, chotchkies, trinkets, nick-nacks etc. is the furthest thing from carefully curated. Highlight a few of your most special vintage pieces that play well with your decor items and work together to paint your overall desired picture. 

Why Vintage in Your Curated Interior?

Beyond home decor, your interior spaces need elements with character and that help tell a story, your story. This is accomplished through very select vintage and antique elements. These items are usually collected over your years. They are gathered during meaningful trips, vacations, outings or maybe they just spoke to you when strolling your favorite local antique store. 

A retired fireman may choose to have an amazing vintage copper fire extinguisher carefully placed in his home. A scientist may have picked up an antique microscope that she wants to add to her space. Certain old books may speak to you. Maybe vintage, handmade pottery holds special meaning to you. 

The most amazing part is, there is no right answer because you are curating your own look. You are telling your own store like only you can. 

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