Mixing Vintage and New Home Decor

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Eclectic Is Not Confused

Mixing vintage items with new home decor, handmade items and even reproductions can create a very cohesive eclectic look. 

Many people are intimidated by mixing and matching home decor, thinking they have to rigidly stick to one strict style, for example, all "modern", or all 100% antique. In reality, when done right, mixing and matching can result in a very appealing decor display. 

This Shelf Is A Harmonious Eclectic Example

In this picture you have a vintage hand-thrown stoneware vase along side a reproduction Cricket bat used as a riser to display a handmade wood XO home decor block. Also on this shelf is a brand new home decor stoneware rabbit, a new iron cross, some antique books and a vintage bottle holding new floral. See how they all play together so well to paint a more interesting picture than any one "decor era" alone?

Combining More Disparate Home Decor Styles

OK, though the items in our picture are a mix of old and new decor, they do follow the same "vintage style". How about if you absolutely love a clean line modern home decor style. Can you still mix in some vintage? Of course you can. Imagine a book shelf with a sparse, carefully curated collection of books, art and modern decor. Imagine, on the same shelf one statement piece such as a sleek chrome vintage camera or a the contrast of brass blades of an antique fan.

Bottom line, don't get pinned down to an "all or nothing" way of decorating your home. Get creative, mix it up and enjoy an eclectic approach. 

At Loved Homestead we have always carried both vintage, new and handmade items. This is not just to cater to many tastes but to cater to the many other eclectic lovers out there like us!


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