Signs, Your Style May Be Boho Chic

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Is my style BOHO CHIC?

So you are wondering what your home decor style is? You know you have rather unconventional, eclectic tastes but, as you wonder, you are surrounded by things that make you feel good. What feels good to you is natural, casual, relaxed and carefree. OK, you are showing some BOHO signs but lets explore further. 

You do not buy your furniture from a big name furniture store but, rather, from vintage and antique stores. Maybe you like rustic items and you do not mind mixing many colors, patterns and textures. 

Earthy and Global Home Decor

You say to yourself "I love anything from the earth". You are even drawn to global elements, cultural pieces, maybe you have the heart of a traveler. Wow, you are definitely leaning towards BOHO. 

You cannot pin yourself down to any one color but you know you lean to more earthy colors. Deep saturated colors are your thing. 

You love layers on the furniture, on the floor..... tapestries on the wall. Burlap, sisal, silk, wool - all with a worn look. You shy away from the shiny. You may throw in fringe, macrame, crochet and the like. 

Cozy Home Decor 

Bottom line, you want any visitors to fee cozy and at home with your plush couch and chair, overstuffed floor pillows, textured pillows and throws. 

Forget the ceiling lights but turn on some lamps or light some candles to illuminate your mismatched china, unique finds, hand made items and heirlooms. 

Oh yeah! Your style is definitely BOHO CHIC and you did not even know it! 


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